Ramsay Engineering Golf Day


This Friday 3rd May was the Primary Metals and Alloys golf day at Indooroopilly Golf Club! After registration and a light (but very tasty) lunch, our Ramsay representatives Wayne and Malcolm started their way around the golf course. Unfortunately however, they quickly realised that this just wasn’t going to be their day in the spotlight..

Although they couldn’t come away with the win, we think they did pretty well (4 over for the day). The day finished with a barbecue dinner, the presentation of prizes and a lot of post-golf banter about “if only I had..” and “I almost…”, accompanied by a couple of drinks. After a great day (and a bit of ‘golf’ played as well) the players each started to head home… those of them who could still drive that is!

Wayne would like to thank our good friend Rob Morgan for the invitation to the golf day, both Malcolm and himself had a great time.