Environmental Policy

Ramsay Engineering’s commitment to the environment policy is paramount and evident in all facets of the business. Company policy and procedures are well documented and paramount to our environmental compliance, and our continued success.

Environment Policy Statement

We are committed to sustainable development throughout our company’s operations in the design and manufacture of electrical engineering products with light, medium and heavy manufacturing capabilities. Continual improvement in environmental performance will be achieved by setting objectives, measuring progress and communicating results.

To deliver sustainable development, we will:

  • Communicate Ramsay Engineering’s Environmental Policy and procedures to all employees.
  • Comply with all applicable environmental laws, regulations, statutory obligations and relevant voluntary codes of practice.
  • Make business decisions that work towards achieving sustainable development and a reduction in pollution.
  • Ensure that our employees, subcontractors, suppliers and consultants are aware of and have the necessary skills to fulfil their environmental obligations with respect to Ramsay Engineering operations.
  • Strive to conserve resources, reduce waste and eliminate or minimise adverse environmental effects and risks that may be associated with our services and operations.
  • Work with our clients and other stakeholders to help them achieve their environmental objectives and obligations.
  • Periodically review and revise our Environmental Policy and procedures to maintain their relevance.

We will respond to the environmental challenges in all areas of our business and it is the responsibility of every employee to implement this policy.

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