22kV Stainless Steel Junction Box

22kv stainless steel junction box

Airportlink and Traffic Monitoring

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Airportlink Switchboards

Some of our quality work on the Airportlink switchboards!

Acres of Elsteel Modular Switchboard components went into these light and power distribution boards.
We also supplied Elsteel Modular boards for many of the other Brisbane tunnel projects.

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Elsteel Modular Switchboards

Ramsay Engineering has a long history of success with supplying ELSTEEL TECHNO modular low voltage switchboards for project solutions in Power Distribution, Motor Control Centres, PLC and Metering Boards. Elsteel Techno is fully type tested with LS breakers, GE breakers, Siemens breakers, Jean Muller, Terasaki, Merlin Gerin and ABB breakers and switch gear – tested up to 100kA / 1 sec and 50kA / 3 sec.

Elsteel Techno has an extensive reference of tests for short circuit, heat-rise, internal arc-fault, vibration and seismic certification. Elsteel boards can be designed for up to 7100 Amp (ABB breakers), its modular design allows for Aluminium busbar as well as Copper bar, has IP55 ingress protection and can be built for Form 1, 2a, 2b, 3a, 3b, 4a, 4b and Form 4 types 1 to 7.

Ramsay Engineering has been designing and constructing Elsteel Techno boards for many years and we have a great portfolio of Elsteel works and a long-term successful supplier relationship with IPD in Australia – supplier of the Elsteel range of products which includes Stainless Steel boxes, Mild Steel boxes and Plastic terminal boxes in a huge variety of sizes.

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The incredibly versatile Elsteel Techno can be designed and constructed in infinite configurations based on the 200 x 200 base module, it can be wall mounted, plinth mounted and built for Top, Centre or Bottom cable entry in a variety of colours. Fixed, demountable or up to 630A withdrawable configurations are available and vertical or horizontal busbar designs are achievable with fully flexible tap-offs for apparatus.

Contact Ramsay Engineering for Elsteel switchboard designs and quotes for your project.

66kV to 11kV Skid

66000V to 11000V HV Switchgear Transportable Transformer MV Switchroom.

Transportable Dragline Supply.

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Solar Powered Boom Gate

Solar Powered Access Control.

Drag this little unit out to the haul road and bingo!

Radio-controlled, solar powered, illuminated boom.

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